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Children Learn to Code with Kodris Studio

Kodris Studio is an online platform that teaches Python programming language to children aged 7-16 with a gamified coding curriculum.

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How Does Kodris Studio Work?

Leveled modes and smart control system

Code and Block Mode work synchronously

While learning Python programming language, students can work synchronously in Block and Code Mode and simultaneously code in text-based and block-based code.

Curriculum for Each Grade Level

Students learn Python programming language, following a game-based coding curriculum based on the learning styles of each specific grade level.

Smart Monitoring System

While learning Python programming language, student progress can be tracked thanks to the smart monitoring system.

Block Mode

Block mode is the mode that allows users to create algorithms using code blocks to solve the given tasks. With block-based coding, children are able to easily grasp the logic of coding. Furthermore, because of its ease of use with the drag-and-drop method, block-based coding is considered an initial step for children new to coding.

Code Mode

Code mode is the mode that enables text-based coding in accordance with the syntax rules of the programming language. Python is the most preferred programming language due to its easy-to-understand syntax. Students developing their algorithmic thinking skills are advised to work with codes of the programming language in order to improve their programming skills.

Smart Monitoring

  • Instantly track students’ scene solutions.
  • Track students’ scene completion times.
  • Evaluate student progress.

Skills Acquired from Coding

We help children think in different ways

Algoritmik Düşünme

Algorithmic Thinking



Analitik Düşünme

Analytic Thinking

Problem Çözme

Problem Solving

Tasarımsal Düşünme

Design Thinking

Why Kodris?

We teach the Python with the gamified coding curriculum

Kodris Oyun Modları
Learn with Gamification

Gamified Coding Curriculum

Taking different learning styles of each grade level into consideration, our curriculum has been created in collaboration with the Education Departments of leading universities in Turkey, and has been accredited by Pearson, one of the world’s largest education companies.

Next Generation Learning

21st Century Skills

With our coding curriculum we aim to equip students with:

  • Algorithmic thinking skills.
  • Productivity.
  • Analytic thinking skills.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Design thinking skills.
Coding with Python

Python Programming Language

  • Is increasingly gaining popularity.
  • Has easier to learn syntax compared to other programming languages.
  • Has a simpler and more flexible structure compared to other programming languages.
  • Has the possibility of platform-independent software development.
  • Is used in web programming, game programming and AI fields.

Learn Coding with Kodris

Thousands of students and teachers are using Kodris

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Why Pearson Assured?

Since 2017, Kodris Education Technologies has secured its place as a well-known brand in the “coding” education field of the IT sector in Turkey. Kodris Educational Technologies continues to accelerate its success in the market with its coding education for students from elementary to high school grades, and has been awarded the world-renowned PEARSON ASSURED accreditation.


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General Questions About Kodris

Kodris is an online learning platform created to teach coding to primary and secondary school students. In this platform, there are two types of users: teachers and students. When logged in as a student, the users are directed to scenes where they will need to complete tasks in the programming language Python. As Kodris is a game-based learning platform, students have fun while learning.

Although designed and geared towards primary, secondary and high school students, users of all ages can benefit from Kodris in learning how to code.

There is no need to install any applications; all you need is a computer, iPad or Android tablet with an internet connection to use the Kodris platform.

Think Like a Computer, Algorithms, Objects and Movements, Loops, Conditional Expressions-if, Conditional Expressions-if else, Conditional Expressions-if elif, Boolean Values, Arrays, Variables, For Loops, Parameters, Repeat Loops, While Loops, Functions, Comparisons, Modules, Dictionaries, Debugging.

It can be used with current versions of internet browsers such as Google Chrome for Windows users and Safari for Mac users.

As our goal is to effectively teach our students how to code, new tasks will be added continuously.

Kodris has been developed by a team of young specialists and leaders in their fields of IT educators, software developers, and graphics designers under the consultancy of related department heads of universities.

Our coding education platform has been primarily designed for use on a computer screen; however, it can be used via internet browsers on tablets with a screen resolution of 1920X1080 and above.

We teach our students how to code in Python, which is one of the most widely used programming languages, especially preferred by beginners due to its easy-to-write and easy-to-understand syntax. As a result, students will be able to develop a wide range of software.

Kodris platform offers English language support at www.kodris.com.

Learn Coding with Kodris

Thousands of students and teachers are using Kodris