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Since 2017, Kodris Education Technologies has secured its place as a well-known brand in the “coding” education field of the IT sector in Turkey. Kodris Educational Technologies continues to accelerate its success in the market with its coding education for students from elementary to high school grades, and has been awarded the world-renowned PEARSON ASSURED accreditation.

To maintain its success and superior quality in coding education, Kodris Educational Technologies continues to obtain accreditations. The quality of its products are ensured under the internationally recognized Pearson Assured quality assurance standards.

Our goal as the Kodris family, is to help raise successful and responsible individuals who use and create technology for the benefit of the society. Individuals focused on production, rather than consumption and who are successful and valuable to both their professions and countries when they become adults. The biggest supporters of our mission are you parents and your precious children. With Kodris, our students grow up to be a generation of producers rather than consumers.

What is Pearson Assured?

Pearson Assured is an internationally recognized quality assurance and accreditation system developed by Pearson, the world’s largest education solutions company. Students of educational institutions having this accreditation, are entitled to receive the internationally recognized “Pearson Assured Certificate”.

The quality assurance and accreditation service provided by Pearson, operating in the field of educational solutions in over 100 countries, is internationally accepted and in accordance with the advancing world standards.

Who can get the Pearson Assured certificate?

Students (of schools having institutional subscriptions with Kodris) who have successfully completed the accredited Kodris Studio program of Kodris Educational Technologies, are entitled to receive the internationally recognized “Pearson Assured Accreditation Certificate”.

The 4-week certification process consists of the application, approval, printing in the UK and delivery stages.

Why Pearson Assured?

Students will be entitled to receive a certificate showing that the program they successfully completed is accredited by “Pearson Assured” and therefore, a quality assured program.

This certificate will ensure that the qualifications the students have acquired have a greater validity both academically and professionally.

Pearson works with more than 1000 institutions around the world. Studies are carried out with many institutions and organizations, especially in England, America, Europe and the Middle East; therefore, especially in these regions, the certificates that the students are awarded will benefit their academic lives and careers.