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Kodris Junior is a platform that aims to develop computational thinking skills with gamification in children aged 4-7.

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Why Kodris Junior?

Preschool education is a very important period for the development of the individual. Cognitive, algorithmic, analytical, critical, design-oriented thinking and problem solving skills begin to develop in preschool period in children who discover coding at an early age.

Kodris Junior
Learning with Gamification

Kodris Junior activities have been prepared by taking into consideration the characteristics of students in the preschool period, from easy to difficult and from simple to complex. When students learn the concepts of place and direction, they develop their computational thinking skills by producing solutions to problems in different themes and stories. In addition to these, colors enable them to learn many interdisciplinary information such as occupations and seasons.

Permanent learning is also supported as students complete activities by experiencing, playing and having fun.

Kodris Teacher Kit

Kodris Junior Teacher Kit

Kodris Jr. students with the training set; will gain perspective on creating algorithms, develop their algorithmic thinking skills, discover different ways to solve problems, and decide on the best solution and create algorithms for solving problems.

Tailored to Learner Characteristics:

Our education set is based on the interest and needs of preschool students. It has been prepared with themes that will attract their attention.

Algorithm Training:

We aim to provide students with the basics of the algorithm with our training set, which we have prepared considering the learner characteristics.

Skills Acquired from Coding

We help children think in different ways

Algoritmik Düşünme

Algorithmic Thinking



Analitik Düşünme

Analytic Thinking

Problem Çözme

Problem Solving

Tasarımsal Düşünme

Design Thinking

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Why Pearson Assured?

Since 2017, Kodris Education Technologies has secured its place as a well-known brand in the “coding” education field of the IT sector in Turkey. Kodris Educational Technologies continues to accelerate its success in the market with its coding education for students from elementary to high school grades, and has been awarded the world-renowned PEARSON ASSURED accreditation.

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