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1000+ Scenes
16 Characters
24 Topics

Our Goals


Creating algorithms and codes for the algorithms, focusing on different perspectives

Step 1
Step 2


Thinking analytically, performing transactions systematically and by taking variables into consideration


Building quick and practical problem-solving skills

Step 3
Step 4


Teaching Python, a real programming language

The Kodris Difference

  • Block coding and text-based coding work synchronously.
  • Progress of each student is monitored with Smart Control.
  • Syllabus and teacher guides in line with both UK and USA education systems.

Our Operating Logic

Block Mode
Create your algorithm with block sequences and the system will automatically create the corresponding real text-based code.
Code Mode
Write real code and the system will automatically create your algorithm with the corresponding block sequence.
Smart Control
Let “Smart Control” check your algorithms and real codes and give you smart feedback.
And More

Scenes and Curriculums
designed for different grade levels

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