As Kodris Educational Technologies, we realize that the human factor is the key in achieving goals and success. We consider the employee as a resource as well as a value, and we have adopted this as a basic principle. As Kodris Educational Technologies, we are empowered to achieve our goals by our employees and therefore, from our human resources. With our customer-oriented approach, we create development-oriented projects and make it our priority to ensure that each employee adds value.

We provide employment opportunities in line with our company’s recruitment policies and develop career plans for our employees. We implement the policy of “The right person for the right job, the right job for the right person” at every level.

We adopt the principle of providing equal opportunities to our employees. We have written criteria for our recruitment and selection process. All employees are granted equal rights and treated fairly. Training policies are created, and training and development programs are implemented to increase the knowledge, skills and competencies of employees. We emphasize the importance of workplace transparency. Employee involvement is encouraged with a transparent, equal and participatory management approach.

Measures are taken to prevent racial, religious, linguistic and gender discrimination among employees and to protect employees from physical, spiritual and emotional abuse within the workplace.

Safe working conditions for employees are provided in accordance with the principles of occupational health and safety regulations.