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General Questions About Kodris

Kodris is an online learning platform created to teach coding to primary and secondary school students. In this platform, there are two types of users: teachers and students. When logged in as a student, the users are directed to scenes where they will need to complete tasks in the programming language Python. As Kodris is a game-based learning platform, students have fun while learning.

Although designed and geared towards primary, secondary and high school students, users of all ages can benefit from Kodris in learning how to code.

There is no need to install any applications; all you need is a computer, iPad or Android tablet with an internet connection to use the Kodris platform.

Think Like a Computer, Algorithms, Objects and Movements, Loops, Conditional Expressions-if, Conditional Expressions-if else, Conditional Expressions-if elif, Boolean Values, Arrays, Variables, For Loops, Parameters, Repeat Loops, While Loops, Functions, Comparisons, Modules, Dictionaries, Debugging.

It can be used with current versions of internet browsers such as Google Chrome for Windows users and Safari for Mac users.

As our goal is to effectively teach our students how to code, new tasks will be added continuously.

Kodris has been developed by a team of young specialists and leaders in their fields of IT educators, software developers, and graphics designers under the consultancy of related department heads of universities.

Our coding education platform has been primarily designed for use on a computer screen; however, it can be used via internet browsers on tablets with a screen resolution of 1920X1080 and above.

We teach our students how to code in Python, which is one of the most widely used programming languages, especially preferred by beginners due to its easy-to-write and easy-to-understand syntax. As a result, students will be able to develop a wide range of software.

Kodris platform offers English language support at www.kodris.com.

Questions About Usage

When you click on the “Try For Free” button on the www.kodris.com/en/ website, you will be directed to the Kodris Studio platform. In the first scene, the codes enabling our rabbit to get the carrot, will be readily provided for you. All you will need to do is click on the “Run” button to complete the task. After completing the scene, you can move onto the next tasks by clicking the “Next Scene” option.

When you start using Kodris, there is no need to have any prior experience with coding because our aim is to teach coding to absolute beginners. You will be given all the information and training you will need within Kodris.

In the Kodris Help page, you will find all the names, pictures and main features of the characters that you will be helping complete their tasks.

You can find the meanings of the commands in the “Kodris Dictionary” in Kodris Studio. You can also get support from the Kodris Studio Help Center, by clicking on the “?” in the upper right corner in Kodris studio.

The aim of Kodris is not only to teach students how to code, but to also teach them how to reach solutions by writing the shortest codes. When writing codes to complete the tasks, instead of writing long and repetitive codes, students must write the shortest codes possible. If they are able to solve the task with the ideal code, then they earn three stars. Otherwise, for all other longer but possible solutions they will be given one or two stars.

If you have successfully coded and completed a scene, then you will be able to move onto the next one using the “Next” button. You can move onto the next scene only if you have completed the current one; it is not possible to skip an uncompleted task and move onto the next one. If you get stuck or have difficulty anytime, you can get hints by clicking on the Kodris robot.

When teaching coding to our students, we benefit from two simultaneously working modes. When using Block Mode, students are able to choose the appropriate blocks from the blocks on the left to write the code to complete the task. Since both modes work synchronously, students are able to see the text-based real code equivalent of the blocks if they switch to Code Mode. Similarly, they are able to see the block forms of the real codes they have written if they switch from Code Mode to Block Mode. We recommend that beginners start with Block Mode. As they become more proficient, and start to easily complete tasks in Block Mode, then they should be encouraged to use Code Mode.

No, since new features are added as you move on, our tasks are meant to be done in a certain order; therefore, it is not possible to move onto scenes without completing the previous ones. After a task is completed, it is possible to move onto the next scene using the “Next” button.

You can get information regarding the task by clicking on the Kodris robot in the bottom right corner of the scene. The Kodris robot will give you clues to help you solve the task.

The first 15 scenes of our Kodris platform are available for students and teachers for a free trial purpose. In order to continue past the 15th scene, you will need to register and purchase a plan.

The platform that our characters move on in Kodris scenes, is made up of squares. In order to calculate the number of steps a character needs to move, all you have to do is count the squares.

It is not necessary to keep the background sound on while working on tasks in Kodris. However, keeping it on will help you focus. To turn it off, you can go to “Settings” and either turn it off completely or if you like, you can just turn down its volume.

Teachers’ Questions

Our “Teacher’s Guide” enables teachers, even with no prior experience in computer programming, to easily teach their students how to code. With this guide, you will have access to lesson plans with explanations about the topics, sample class activities and solutions to various tasks.

The “Teacher’s Guide” which can be found under the “Help” tab in the Teacher’s Dashboard, will help you to prepare for your lessons. In this guide, you will find explanations about the subjects to be covered in class as well as sample classroom activities and assignments to be given at the end of the lesson. In addition to these resources, we have an online support service which you can use to contact us directly with any questions you may have.

When you sign in as a teacher, under the teacher’s dashboard you will be able to create a classroom and save the names of your students under it. You will also be able to track the progress of your students there.

When registering for the trial version as a teacher, you will be given a teacher’s account under your name. When you login using this account, you will be given teacher’s privileges which will allow you to create a class and give you access to the first 15 tasks. You will also be given access to the Teacher’s Guide for the first 15 tasks. Your trial account will be valid for 30 days.

In our curriculum, approved by Ankara University and developed to cover all subjects, there are more than 20 topics with scenes tailored specifically for each level.

In order to have access to task solutions, you must be registered as a teacher. After your institution purchases a plan, you will have access to all the solutions for all scenes in Kodris. The correct answers are available in both Code Mode and Block Mode.


You can use the “Teacher’s Dashboard” which you had used to add your students when creating your class, to also delete any student.

To contact us for special memberships and detailed information, please click on the “Get Quote” button on our home page and enter the necessary information for your school.

Purchasing Questions

All you have to do is click on the “Sign Up” button on the home page and fill in the required information.

For an individual purchase, you can click on the “Buy Now” button on the home page and make an online payment. For an institutional purchase, you can contact us by clicking on the “Get Quote” button and filling in the necessary information about your school. We will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

You can make your payment by credit card or wire-transfer. Please contact us regarding institutional membership payments.

Our entire platform, including our payment page, is secured by 256 bit SSL encryption technology. Furthermore, when the final payment stage for online credit card payments is reached, our users will be redirected to their bank’s payment page. In this new window, the required information will be shared directly with the bank. “3D SECURE” technology, which is considered the highest security technology available, allows users to share their credit card information exclusively with the bank of their choice within their bank’s secure infrastructure.

After logging into your account, you can see you membership details on your profile page.

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