More Than One Student

Institutional kodris account fee will be charged depending upon the number of students and classes. Accounts will be created for each student and they will use the platform with in their classes.

Free Updates

After purchasing your individual account you can enjoy updates or changes (like new scenes) for free. Mission scenes, character updates, and renovations will continue with your feedback.

Live Support

We have live support for individual kodris package owners at kodris.com. With our live support, you can give us feedback or ask for help when you get stuck in a scene or a mission. Our live support staff will help you in working hours.

Trainer Panel

Teachers can create their own accounts, form classes and add/remove students on institutional kodris platform. In addition, teachers can re-unite purchased accounts under certain classes and assign students to each. The Trainer Panel enables teachers to observe the progress of students and follow them up. They can keep up with the missions of students and completed levels. Via this panel, teachers can also limit courses, communicate with students or evaluate their levels thoroughly.

Teacher Guide / Course Plans

Users who have created teacher accounts are provided with our teacher guides which helps them to design their own course plans. Each course has its explanations, activities, and model implementations in our guide.

Teacher Training

We have informative introduction programs for teachers in order to increase the efficiency of their use of institutional kodris accounts. These programs are scheduled for teachers in our office.

Tailor-made Solutions For Your Institution

We provide additional solutions for your institutional kodris accounts. For instance; exclusive sub-domain creation, integration of the logo of your company in our scenes, creating scenes with background features particular to your institution. In addition to those, we will do our best for your company identification in your institutional account.

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