Preparing Children for the 21st Century with Kodris!

Kodris is a platform established with the purpose of teaching children ages 7 to 16 how to code.

Kodris Oyun Modları

With coding and algorithms, children are able to acquire 21st-century skills such as the ability to approach problems from different perspectives and to produce solutions, to think systematically and creatively and to come up with the shortest solutions. When students grasp the logic of algorithms, they realize that everything occurs in a certain order and without that specific order, things that need to be done cannot be accomplished. Coding is not only limited to computer sciences, but it is also very important in terms of interdisciplinary interactions.

Algorithmic thinking, analytical thinking and critical thinking, as well as problem solving and design-oriented thinking are all considered the skills of our era. Many developed countries, having realized the importance of these skills, have made radical changes in their education systems. Countries such as the USA, England, France, Finland, Germany, South Korea and Israel have added coding courses to their curriculum from elementary school onwards in order to equip individuals with these 21st century skills starting at an early age.

The Kodris platform provides an e-learning opportunity for students in elementary, middle and high school grades to develop their algorithmic/computational thinking skills. Consequently, this builds a strong foundation for advanced computer skills. Kodris is a game-based online e-learning platform that teaches students a real coding language and how to create algorithms. Extensive research and development has been conducted at both public and private schools to develop a curriculum encouraging student-teacher interaction. National and international literature reviews were made during the establishment of the Kodris platform and our cooperation with universities and schools has enabled numerous evaluation opportunities. Our curriculum is accredited by Ankara University, one of Turkey’s leading universities, as well as by Pearson, one of the world’s largest education companies.

Learn Coding with Kodris

Thousands of students and teachers are using Kodris

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Skills Acquired and Fundamentals

  • Teach students how to create algorithms and code the algorithms,
  • Teach students how to think analytically, based on thinking like a computer,
  • Foster their ability to solve problems in the shortest way.
Fundamental features of our teaching techniques:
  • Our subjects are ordered from easiest to hardest, from the simplest to most complex and from the known to the unknown.
  • We have created a game-based, fun and effective learning environment, enhanced with background sounds.
  • Thanks to our smart tracking system, we have developed a system that automatically evaluates and scores the solutions of the students.
  • We have set up a live support service to respond instantly to any inquiries our users may have regarding Kodris.

Making Learning Fun for Kids

One of the major differences of the Kodris platform which sets uu apart from others, is that it can simultaneously support both text-based and block-based coding while learning the Python programming language. Furthermore, thanks to our smart tracking system, the learning progress of our students can be monitored.

Due to its easy-to-understand syntax, Python is the most preferred programming language for those new to coding. Thanks to Kodris, our students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop their own platform-independent software in Python programming language.

Different age groups and learning styles have been taken into consideration while creating the scenes for our meticulously developed curriculums for different levels.

With the “Teacher’s Dashboard”, teachers will be able to keep close track of their students’ performance of the tasks. A “Teacher’s Guide” with lesson plans is also provided to aid in efficient teaching of the topics.

Our students help our 16 characters complete their given tasks on the 3-dimensional isometric platform in Kodris. These 16 characters consist of the main characters, supporting characters and the obstructors. While our students are busy having fun trying to help the characters reach their destinations and complete the given tasks, they learn the Python language.

With its team of young and dynamic, research-oriented specialists, Ko

Learn Coding with Kodris

Thousands of students and teachers are using Kodris